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Accutron   Referencia 500 ORIGEN P.V.P.:300 $ Año 1964'S
Oro 14 Kilates 300 € 350 € 450 €
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Accutron Watches 

Joseph Bulova: For more than 120 years - from the moment 23 year old Czech immigrant Joseph Bulova set up shop in New York City, NY, USA in 1875 - the name Bulova has symbolized a uniquely American blend of old-world craftsmanship and new-world innovation.

Bulova has even been to the moon - courtesy of its breakthrough Accutron time mechanism, an integral feature of NASA technology from the late '50s through the first moon walk in 1969.

Today, one of the world's most recognized brands, and still wholly US owned and operated, Bulova is dedicated to upholding its legacy of creativity and excellence, forging new directions in a classic American tradition

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Accutron Wrist Watches:

Bulova began developing Accutron in 1952. Accutron is to be an electronic watch that will be guaranteed accurate to within 2 seconds a day, or 1 minute a month. The secret behind this inherent accuracy will be a tuning fork which will divide each second into hundreds of equal parts.

In 1960 NASA asks Bulova to incorporate Accutron technology into its equipment for the space program. The CEO of Bulova at the time was Omar Bradley, 5 Star General, US Army, Retired. During those early years Accutron timing mechanisms were used in 46 US space program missions. An Accutron watch movement sits on the moon's Sea of Tranquility today, in an instrument placed there in 1969 by Apollo 11 astronauts, the first men on the moon.

In 1962 the Accutron 214 becomes the first wristwatch certified for use by railroad personnel. Previously, engineers used pocket watches which had to be frequently calibrated in order to "run the railroads on time". Accutron wristwatches were given to world leaders as a presidential gift and in 1964 President Lynden Johnson declares Accutron to be the official "Gift of State". By 1967 Accutron clocks were the only clocks aboard Air Force One and many instrument panel Accutrons were used in military ships and aircraft.

Accutron Watches
Accutron first hit the scenes in 1952 as one of the early models of the electric watch. Accutron became a famous brand in public because of its accuracy. This lead the watch to be introduced to the railways as the Accutron wrist watch 214 became the first watch to be worn by railway personnel. This was just the beginning as the Accutron clocks became a permanent feature on the Air Force One, the plane which carries the US president around. Later on NASA used some of their models into their technology. The Accutron watch movements had even travelled out side the world and even landed on the moon when one of their models were placed on the surface of the moon during the 1969 landing of Apollo 11. Accutron watches are manufactured by utilizing high quality material for long lasting durability. Acuutron Watches collection is understated with patented technologies.
Accutron Breckenridge
The Breckenridge is made from premium thick stainless steel and looks very immaculate in its case. The bracelet is very detailed and is also made form solid metal. The dial is very easy to read and the hand markers are very bright. The markers are made from curved sapphire crystals. The watch is water resistant up to 100 meters. It is an immaculate wrist watch. The date is shown at the bottom at the six o clock position.

Accutron Chamonix 25 Diamond
The Chomonix is a sports style fashionable watch. It comes in some cool colours and the watch box it also very attractive. The dial is white and the straps have a wide array of colours like cream, white, burgundy and black. This wrist watch is made from Swiss movements. It also has three sub dials. The case surrounding has an immaculate collection of 25 diamonds. Its one for the ladies who like to keep accurate time along with a classy look.
Accutron Oxford
The Accutron Oxford wrist watch is one for all occasions. Its case is rectangular with curved corners and it’s made from pure stainless steel. The dial is black with steel hour markers and also a date display. The front of the case has sapphire crystals engraved on it. The strap is made from genuine black leather.
Accutron Excursion Steel
The Excursion wrist watch is constructed with solid stainless steel, anti reflective sapphire crystal. Excursion watch finds your way into a new sense of form and function in the sleek execution. Accutron Excursion Steel watch has the large navy dial that delivers contemporary design. Excursion wrist watch has polished markers, luminous hands and an enhanced date display under the 12. Accutron Excursion watch is loaded with dual-time readout with rotating inner ring on the sub dial above 6. 
Accutron VX-200 Chrono
The VX-200 Chrono wrist watch by Accutron is specially designed for attractive functionality. VX-200 Chrono watch is hot Valjoux automatic made of solid steel and exhibits the fine functions through sapphire crystal on the front and the caseback. VX-200 wrist watch has luminous hands and markers point out the time and move around 30-minutes, 60-seconds and 12 hour chronograph counters and the day and date display at 3. Accutron VX-200 Chrono watch has unidirectional elapsed time bezel and the solid fold over safety clasp with extender. 
Accutron Innsbruck
The Innsbruck watch by Accutron is made of high quality stainless steel material. Innsbruck watch’s handsome profile bestows the sports dress look. Innsbruck watch’s curved stainless steel case surrounds a uniquely numbered dial with analog day of the week and date and a moonphase aperture above 6. Innsbruck watch’s luminous hands keep you apprised of the time at any hour. Accutron Innsbruck watch’s black dial comes with black and brown interchangeable leather straps and white dial includes brown and green leather straps. 
Accutron Curacao
The Curacao watch by Accutron is made of high quality stainless steel and has smooth rubber strap. Whether you wear this watch on your vacation to Curacao Island or not, the casual luxury and style of Accutron’s Curacao will be evident. Curacao watch shows precise view of the time through anti-reflective sapphire crystal. Curacao wrist watch is equipped with luminous hands and markers along with a luminous tracer dot on the unidirectional elapsed time bezel.
Accutron Eagle Pilot’s
The Eagle Pilot’s watch from Accutron is made of stainless steel and is inspired by 100th anniversary of aviation. Eagle Pilot’s watch is superbly engineered chronograph that offers a precision dual-hand flyback chronograph for unlimited incremental reading and has cumulative minute and split-second subdials. Accutron Eagle Pilot’s watch has hands and markers, large number in modern fonts, tachymetric scale and date window at 4. Eagle Pilot’s watch has genuine leather strap, highlighted with a handsome decorative white stitching.


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