Marca: -Modelo Watch Scratch Removal
Precio: 8 EUROS
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Cape Cod Polishing Cloths 2 cloths in each package. Cape Cod cloths are the ultimate in safe and effective scuff, swirl, and scratch removal They perform flawlessly on high polish stainless steel, rose and yellow gold, and platinum cases. Try not to to use on white gold cases as continued use will eventually result in the removal of the rhodium layer and create color changes. Also excellent for cleaning and polishing silver products! Jewelers and avid watch collectors find these cloths as the safest and most effective way to restore a high polish finish to fine watches. Eliminate fine scratches, microswirls, and scuffs while producing the ultimate mirror finish Cape Cod cloths are perfectly safe for ALL watch surfaces This product has provided awesome results for Sinn watches. One should not use Cape Cods on white gold watches. Polishing of a white gold surface could eventually result in the removal of the rhodium layer and produce slight color changes. If Using Cape Cods polish on satin finish surfaces, these will eventually make the satin finish a high polish finish. Product in Wittlich - Germany - Venta - Watch Scratch Removal Precio 8 EUROS

Vendedor Reloj - Ref:5595
Nombre: Schulz Bernd
Telefono: +49180506034835516
Lugar: 54516, Wittlich
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Correa N/A -, Reloj N/A, Diámetro: X mm. Oscilacion: A/h Horas, Rubies, N/A

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Reloj antiguo Eterna de mujer
Reloj antiguo Eterna de mujer
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 1972

Precios Relojes Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 1972

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Este reloj de Audemars Piguet, su creador fue Gérald Genta. Sus dimensiones 39 x 48 mm, y 7mm de espesor. Con un peso de 95 gramos.


Desde 1972 han exi...
Reloj Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 1972 »

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