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LONGINES Master Collection Retrograde.

4 funciones retrógradas: segundos, día mes, día semana y doble huso horario. Pulsadores para modificar agujas retrógradas. ...

Reloj Omega Central Tourbillon

Omega Central Tourbillon

Omega Central Tourbillon:

Omega developed the Automatic Co Axial Central Tourbillon to celebrate its 100th anniversary in 1994. Let me tell you, right off the bat, that this is a sensational timepiece - and truly gorgeous.

Technically, this watch is a great achievement. It's the world's first automatic central tourbillon escapement. The hours and minutes hands are painted on two separate sapphire disks which revolve to display the time. The gearing for the sapphire disks has been moved to the outermost edge of the caliber to make room for the central escapement with its revolving one minute tourbillon. The winding rotor is platinum for winding efficiency. The watch features two crowns, one in the traditional position for winding the watch when necessary and a second crown on the caseback for setting the time. The caliber number is 1170.

The 18k rose gold case has dimensions of 39mm diameter by 11.7mm thick. The case looks and feels massive and sturdy, yet with its design embellishments, like the flared lugs, there is also an unmistakable elegance to its lines. As you would expect on such a watch, the fit and finish are outstanding. The case is polished on all surfaces but the center of the caseback which is brushed.

Despite the impressive technical details of this watch, it's the dial that truly stands out. The Omega symbol is affixed to the revolving toubillon cage, and the seconds hand is attached to the central pinion. Underneath this assembly is a white metal which has been hand decorated. When the movement is running, the hairspring, balance cock, balance assembly, seconds hand and tourbillon are all in motion - to a hypnotizing effect. Encircling this is a rose gold ring with 60 tiny engraved dots which serves as a seconds chapter. The body of the dial is silver with an engine turned guilloche pattern of many tiny structures that resemble grains, and each grain has three segments.


The grains are arranged in expanding concentric circles. It is in this area where the minutes and hours hands are displayed. At the dial's edge are diamond shaped hour markers, which match the color of the hands perfectly, and a minutes chapter.


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